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Let’s talk Statistics

Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Numbers

Who are the fallen fighters with a memorial plaque at the Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Mostar? Here is a high-level analysis, based on short bios of 718 fallen fighters on our website.

Research results based on a database from July 1, 2023. Compiled from original inscriptions on memorial plaques. As new information is discovered, data on are subject to change and may be updated frequently.

Men and women of the Partisan Memorial Cemetery

Men make up the majority of fallen fighters.

Approximately 11% of the fallen fighters are women.


90% of the fallen fighters were younger than 35 years old.

The majority of fallen fighters at the Partisan Memorial (around 55%) are young adults aged 18-25 years.

Those older than 35 years make up around 10%.

There are 39 fallen fighters younger than 18 years.


Movement of the broad popular masses.

76% (3/4) of killed fighters are workers, students, and peasants.

Occupation before the war


Not all of them carried a rifle…

Over 65% were partisan fighters.
The rest were members of the underground, activists, and sympathizers, in other words, civilians – members of the movement in the city or in the countryside.


* Many fallen fighters had multiple roles. This chart refers to the wartime role at the time of death.

Fighters in the unit were mostly younger than 35 years old.

Fighters are the largest group under the age of 35.

Above 35 years old, activists and sympathizers prevail.

War role (by age)


Most died in combat.

56% died in combat, mostly young individuals in the age group of 18-25 years.

33% were murdered.

 Cause of death

Fallen fighters by year of death.

Year of Death

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*Unknown year of death for 10 individuals.

Most common places of death.


Approximately 37% of deaths occurred at 6 locations.

75% died in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15% in Croatia.

Little Mostar – a projection of Mostar population at the time.




Around 6% died during the V Offensive at Sutjeska in 1943.


Around 4% were killed in Sarajevo in March 1945 (Luburić’s “summary court”).


Around 5% died during the final operations at Ivan-Sedlo in 1945.


Around 7% are students and teachers from the Mostar Gymnasium.


Around 9% are players or officials of “Velež.”


Around 10% are young recruits from after the liberation of Mostar who died in the final operations from Ivan-sedlo to Slovenia.